Learn more about investing in Nomads Property

Property investment with extra benefits

With Nomads Property you invest to own a share of stunning property. The share will generate you an interesting return on investment and will allow you or your family/friends/network  to make use of the property at very minimal costs at the same time. Own your piece of African Bush.


Why invest with Nomads Property

Benefits and returns

Work from anywhere just became work in between giraffes.

Nomads Den Hoedspruit

Return on Investment

The height of your return on investment is largely based upon the revenue of Nomads Den Operations. The operations company will pay a fixed amount to cover all expenses of the property (taxes, levies, energy) and pays a substantial percentage of the revenue to the shareholders to create an interesting return on your investment. 

Property value

You are buying a share of quality real estate in a prime location. The share price represents the actual value of the property at the beginning of the project. 

We develop our projects on safe and prime locations which give indication that property prices are more likely to increase.

Extra benefits

Your share is your gateway to the nicest places in the world. Every share represents a set amount of bed nights you, your family or friends can freely use at very minimal rate. Airport transfer is complimentary for shareholder and F&B/activities are available at discounted rates. Check out the project to get a full overview of the benefits.

Who is behind Nomads Property and Nomads Den Operations?

The Dutch couple Veerle Broer & Pim van de Leur have emigrated to South Africa to pioneer with the Nomads Den concept. They have past experience with hospitality concepts and worked for a health care organization and Dutch government. They acquired property in Hoedspruit and have now created the first Nomads Property investment opportunity. 

Why do you sell shares?

We envision Nomads Den to be a brand when it comes to the international remote working lifestyle in ‘experience’ locations. Imagine locations in the mountains, on ski slopes, at the beaches or as part of a winery. We can only achieve such a goal by the support of a commuity of shareholders and ambassadors. 

Can we meet?

100%. As remote working supporters we can plan an online meeting and are also available in Hoedspruit for all interested shareholders. We will happily explain the project and give a tour through town. 

Adventurous remote working spots

From the bush to the best diving spots.


All you need to know

You will pay the set price per share and a once off fee used to cover the professional fees involved. Check the project for this fee.

Nomads Property can assist by offering your share through this website and other marketing channels for a fee. 

No. The set amount of shares at the beginning of the project will stay the amount of shares indefinitely. Dilution of shares is not allowed. 

Yes you can. We will only deal with one representative and it is up to the buyer how to arrange for the distribution of returns and benefits.

This strongly depends on which country you are a tax resident of. Normally you would be obliged to pay tax over your return. We can bring you in contact with our administrative and legal partner BDO to help you investigate your particular implications and obligations.

Very. We deliberately made the structure in a way it is very safe for investors. Your value of your investment is represented by the property value. There is no debt or risk within the shareholding company. Monthly costs (maintenance, levies and taxes) are covered by the operations company.

Welcome to the community! We will provide you with an option to subscribe to the amount of shares you would prefer. Once a deposit has been paid, you will have the right to that amount of shares. Once at least six shares have been sold, the option to subscribe will be converted into the registration and purchase of the share(s), which is finalized by the full payment of the left-over share value. If we do not sell enough shares, you will get your deposit retured in full. 

Yes you can. The added benefits go per share, so you can multiply this per share. It is important to know that the shares are structured so there can not be a majority shareholder position.

Each share offers shareholders a set amount of included bed nights. A shareholder is welcome to give away or sell the bed nights to any person they desire. 

You pay a fixed amount of 240,- ZAR per night to cover the involved operational costs (cleaning and energy). Use of F&B and activities will be offered at discounted rates.

The percentage that operations pays to the property owners is based upon revenue, not on profit. This means that there will always be an amount that flows back to the shareholders. The height of the amount depends on the revenue of operations.

The predicted return on investment is based on a realistic and data driven model calculated by the tourism expert of BDO/STATUCOR South Africa.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, property prices in Hoedspruit particularly increased greatly because of the desire to be closer/in nature and the possibilities of working remotely. By not focusing on classical tourism, Nomads Den is more capable of dealing with large events like a pandemic. 

The shares are fully passive and they represent the value of the real estate. There will be no work involved for shareholders.

The operations company has a maintenance budget which is generated out of the revenue. This budget is used to keep the property and its interior in prime condition.