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Nomads Den Hoedspruit Sales Started

New project in Hoedspruit (South Africa). A total of 8 shares are available at a price of 2.100.000,- ZAR per share with a 9% (20y) IRR.

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Invest in  a share of one of the most sought after pieces of land in Hoedspruit South Africa and the first location of the Nomads Den concept. 

Average yearly return per share: ZAR 175.742,-
Residual value per share in year 20: ZAR 2.780.000,-
Investor bednights per share: 21 nights (2 pax) to be used at ZAR 240,- per night to cover operational expenses

This property is located in one of the best places in Hoedspruit (South Africa). The 5600m2 stand is part of the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate and the location of the original farmhouse of the estate. So it is no surprise it is located on a prime spot with a stunning view over the dry riverbed and with ample wildlife passing by. Filled with big trees and and offering a great amount of privacy with town facilities still close by. This project is located only 8 minutes from town, 15 minutes from Hoedspruit Airport and 45 minutes from the Kruger National Park.

Suggested design of the main building (changes might still occur depending on building costs or supply limitations).

Suggested design of one of the guest accommodations (changes might still occur depending on building costs or supply limitations).

Nomads Den will operate as a total solution for remote workers by offering 7 accommodations and a community workspace. The project is fully geared towards the needs of modern day remote workers/digital nomads and will offer a community lifestyle. It is the world’s first remote working destination in the South African bush where you can be in between wildlife whilst working.

The property is owned by Nomads Den PTY LTD (property company) and is divided in a total of 10 shares, out of which 8 shares are still available for investment.

Return on investment is based upon the operational model of Nomads Den PTY LTD (operations company) that will lease the property for a fixed monthly rate + a percentage of the revenue. So the better operations performs, the higher the return on investment. Assuming an average operational model calculted by industry specialist of STATUCOR/BDO, the IRR per share is calculated to be 9%, with a residual value of 2.78m ZAR per share after 20 years.

Shares are passive, without hassle and you are allowed to sell your share on the open market freely. Nomads Property can assist you whenever you would like to sell your share. You can also offer your share back for sale to Nomads Property.

Suggested design of the pool area (changes might still occur depending on building costs or supply limitations). Please note; the mountains in the render are the higher river bed in the actual situation.

Current phase of the project:

  1. Land has been purchased and is owned by the company you will acquire shares in
  2. Land has been commercially rezoned to allow for the commercial activity of operations
  3. Architectural designs are in the final phase of engineering and approval
  4. Construction will commence early 2023 by Hoedspruit’s most accredited and trusted builder (Davon Construction).
  5. Construction will start when 6 of the shares have been sold.

Please note that an administrative fee of ZAR 20.000,- will be invoiced per transacted share.